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Walt Mooney
Bob Lucia

A well known Flying Flea found again in New
Zealand. Still being kept out of the weather.
Good Show.
FW-60 with more modern
materials and accessories.
Inspired by Charles Fauvel's
AV-60 flying wing, shown
The Visiting
contributions for everyone to
Visit "the Visiting Photographer"
pages for beautiful Flying Flea
photo contributions.
page 2 -  HM14 & HM16
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Ray Stits did it in the 1950's...
We Can Do It Today -
a great number of actual old photos are being added. Click on the Ray
Stits Aircraft link
Rick Henderson's  
Restoration Project.
Just received a 1955
Ray Stits SA3B built s/n

John McClain's
pretty N68638
Stits SA3A
Keep the Imagination Going
Ray Stits Aircraft have been moved to a new page dedicated to his designs.
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A very Interesting
& simple trailing
type main gear
design on the
Kappa KP5 - note
the  shocks
Flying while laying horizontal,
actually at 30 degrees to the
horizontal - A Horten VI
Flying Wing.
Chris's comments: The photos are of the HM290 built by Jack Johnson of Edmonton.  It had a 1500 cc
VW engine. It would cruise at 90 mph.  It had a minimum speed of 18 mph at high power and very high
angle of attack.   He flew it for many hours when one day it was burned in a grass field fire. Jack said it
was easy to get into a Dutch Roll condition - very scary!   I propose bungees to increase sideways stick
pressure.  Someone should test this out.  I have the sketches for whoever would like to try it.
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The Australian
Wedge-tail 2- seat Flea  
using the F5Fras13
Thanks to Andre Maertens and Tony for
providing these photos of their wonderful
construction effort
A  2- Hr. Sketch with CAD above ...
Includes top view which is
not shown here
Check out the  Bee Aviation Associates (BeeCraft)  
Wee Bee, Honey  Bee, and Queen Bee
The Rohr 2-175 Fan Jet now has it's
own dedicated web page. Click on this
link or the photo to go there.
See copies of the original Piver "Modern
Sailboats" Trimaran Catalog. Click on the Trimaran
photo  to go there
Todays date:
Rohr Industries, Inc. Marine
Click on the photo to
take you to the Marine Division main
page, Then scroll to the
bottom of that
Check out the Marine
Division page for aircraft
related information. Click
Convert For Windows by Josh Madison
Convert is a free and easy to use unit conversion
program that will convert the most popular units of
distance, temperature, volume, time, speed, mass,
power, density, pressure, energy and many others,
including the ability to create custom conversions!

Click on the Convert link below to go to Josh's website
to download his program. Thank you Josh for the hard
work in putting this program together.
Roy de Stadler's high quality built HM 293 Flea.
Look closely at the craftmanship. No glue spills
or runs visable.
Three months of engineering calculations and
other paperwork has allowed the Government of
South Africa to grant Roy the privalage of
the first fully registered HM293 home
built in South Africa. Registration Number ZU -
Congradulations Roy. That was a lot of
hard  work. Without calculations to prove
adequate strength and safety, a homebuilt in
South Africa usually does not get to fly.
Photos courtesy of Chris Falconar ( -  Thank you Chris
Thinking about Propeller Making Reference
Material - so here is a start.

Some general
rules for prop
making from
Sterba Props

Click on it to

C.G. Limits for a Flying Flea Design

Click here to go to the article
Biplane Center of Gravity Limits on MAC
(Mean Aerodynamic Chord)
**as applicable to older aircraft for which no
specific limits are listed
by Richard W. Fraser
Patrick Martin climbing out in Fred Byron's
Photo by  Malcolm Campbell
Fred Byron's HM293FB Flying Flea.
Photographer is unknown.
However, with the quality of the
photo, credit is due. Photo was
taken in 2008
An advanced design from the 1950's.
Shades of the Flying Flea.
F5Fras13 & 15 Airfoil Data Page. Click on
the red Airfoil Image. A proven airfoil
New Discovery
Over 400 new 71X FanJet color slides in excellent
condition has been discovered. Another book or
expand the current book ?  Construction
details and more. A deluxe edition perhaps with a pull
out scale drawing and airfoil used based
upon historical delta aircraft designed
by the same people?
Contact us here
A Flea Jet? Possible ... see the
Design Concepts Page.   
Click Here
AL Testa's beautifully built  HM-293 now has a new
We spend a lot of time on the computer with CAD and yes, we still use the drawing board at times.
We create special aircraft designs with many  associated custom products, all from scratch.
If you have come to view several new Flying Flea aircraft conceptual configurations and are interested in the
F5Family of airfoils that were especially designed to enhance the Flying Flea performance and safety  
.......You have come to the right place.
Flying while positioned
horizontal.... almost.
A special research document done
by a student of the Northrop
Aeronautical Institute (an old Alma
Mater of Richard's) on a captured
Horten VI flying wing.  There are  
36 pages. Photos are on the last
two pages.
Click on the one photo from the
collection shown .
The Rohr 2-175 (71X)
The Complete Rohr
2-175 (71X) FanJet
book 2nd printing is
now available. Click
here for purchase
A surprise stealth proposal way before stealth became a
household word by a company well known for producing  a large
number of aircraft designs that went into production.
A preliminary study
This book is now
out of print.