About Our Business
This mini-website was set up to offer assistance and
suggestions to those individuals who are interested in
Henry Mignet's Flying Flea aircraft designs with a more
modern approach. This also includes other types of
specialized aircraft for any number of end uses.
The Fraser Family of airfoils were specifically developed
for use on aircraft such as the Flying Flea.

years ago during the time period when Raymond "Buck"
Buckland first set up his "Pou Review" quarterly
newsletter.  First issue was published in the Winter of
January 1993.

Richard Fraser has been interested in the Flying Flea
designs dating back to the 1950's. He contributed many
technical articles to Buck's very successful newsletter.

Richard retired from being a full time Aerospace Engineer
at Honeywell International on July 31, 2007. He has varied
interests and various educational backgrounds. His
Aerospace and aircraft employment experiences formally
span over 50 years. He is also a yacht designer.

Richard took "Westlawn School of Yacht Design" courses
and has designed and built several sailboats in a manner
that compliments the design of wooden aircraft as well.  
Multi-hull boat styles are also a specialty.

We do consulting if your company is interested in
experienced Senior Design and Project help on a great
number of Engineering disciplines.
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