How Richard Fraser built his Arthur Piver
Mariner 25' Trimaran in the 1960's - a
treasured photo adventure
Marine Division
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    Photo Number 83 - External progress. Vents at end of cross arms.
    Final coating of paint, home made deck non-skid paint applied and
    getting close to being finished. All hardware nearly finished and
    Photo Number 84 - Stern shot.
    Photo Number 84a - Nearly finished.
    Photo Number 85 - Bottom paint and water
    line stripe on.
    Photo Number 86 - Bottom paint with
    centerboard in down position. Sitting on
    moving cradle. Rudder barely visible.
    Photo Number 87 - Rudder with tiller. This
    is the best enhancement that could be
    made of this photo.
    Photo Number 88 - Cabin entry shot
    Photo Number 89 - Cabin entry showing
    stove, sink and storage locker over head
    on left. Storage locker under settee and
    head forward of that.
    Photo Number 90 - Cabin entry shot
    through the main hatch.
    Photo Number 91 - Cabin entry from inside
    showing the Mahogany removable 3-piece
    door in place
    Photo Number 92 - Launch Day.
    Moving out.
    Photo Number 93 - Launch Day. Moving out. Photo dated Oct. 1969, a
    late printing. Launch day was actually in Sept. 1969. Richard made the
    forward hull safety netting in his living room at home.
    Photo Number 94 - Placed in the water at the Redondo Beach, CA at
    the "Hoist" by sling Sept. 1969.
I forgot to add that the cockpit had drain slots at each aft corner
for self bailing which worked really well. You can see the sun
light coming through one of them in the above photo number 94.
They were above the water line, as was the floor.
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