Marine Division
How Richard Fraser built his Arthur Piver
Mariner 25' Trimaran in the 1960's - a
treasured photo adventure
Page 3
    Photo Number 54 - The basics
    are in place.
    Take note that the float insides
    are coated with Green
    Cuperenol preservative. Why?
    Well, during rainy weather with
    an old canvas tarp covering
    everything, it leaked. Water filled
    inside the floats.

    Solution.....Frank Sasine said to
    drill a 1/2" hole in the bottom of
    each float. It didn't seem right at
    that time, but the float frames
    had leach holes at the bottom of
    each frame and any water would
    flow to the keels lowest point.
    That is where the small hole was
    placed, and guess what? It
    worked. After the construction
    was continued, a plug was
    bonded through the keel in the
    holes and later glassed over
    from the outside.
    Photo Number 55 - Crawl through
    under cross arms into the forward
    bow shown in this view. Small
    closet on left. Head fits into space
    forward of centerboard trunk and
    settee on left. Photo Feb. 1967.
    Photo Number 56 - Deck
    framing.  Photo May 1967. Nice
    inner coastal panel work to
    support the lower skin between
    hull & float.
    Photo Number 57- Improvised
    rain protection
    Photo Number 58 - Helper Den.
    Photo Number 59 - Richard
    Photo Number 60 - More rain.
    Photo Number 61 - More deck
    covering...rain is gone. Two
    double berths seen between
    hulls. Photo dated May 1967.
    Photo Number 62 - Decking
    plywood sheets also had full
    scarf joints.
    Photo Number 63 - Decking on a
    very hot day.

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