Marine Division
How Richard Fraser built his Arthur Piver
Mariner 25' Trimaran in the 1960's - a
treasured photo adventure
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    Photo Number 27 - Main hull has been
    glassed and sanded smooth
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photos to
    Photo Number 28 - Cross arms
    positioned for mounting into the
    main hull. Photo dated Feb. 1966
    Photo Number 29 - A visitor.
    Photo Number 34 - Richard and
    Steve. Photo 33 omitted.
Photos 30 through 31 omitted.
    Photo Number 35 - Richard and
    Photo Number 39 - Cross arms in
    place. Photos 36 through 38
    omitted. Photo dated Feb. 1966.
    Photo Number 40 - Cross arms in
    place but not fastened yet.
    Temporary frame tops removed
    giving clean view of settee and
    cockpit floor.
    Photo Number 42 - Float building
    Photo dated April 1966. Photo 41
    Photo Number 43 - Float building
    Pre-nailing the panels by Steve
    before bonding in place. Photo
    was highly enhanced in order to
    show here.
    Photo Number 45 - Float building.
    Very hard to beat....."C" clamps.
    Photo 44 omitted
Photos that have been omitted
are either views that are very
similar and would be
redundant of those photos
shown or are too far damaged
over the long period of storage
time to be enhanced.
    Photo Number 46 - Float building.
    Photo Number 48 - Float building.
    Photo 47 omitted.
    Photo Number 50 - Float building.
    Photo date Apr. 1966.

    Photo Number 51 - One float
    skinned & glassed, sanded smooth
    Photo date Jul. 1966.

    Photo Number 49- Float building.
    Photo Number 52 - Both floats
    skinned & glassed, sanded
    smooth. Photo date Jul. 1966.
    Photo Number 53 - Arms, hull & floats in place. Photo date Aug. 1966.

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