The following are copies of the original Piver catalog of "Modern
Sailboats" that were originally purchased.
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The above 25' Mariner Piver Trimaran as it appeared in Piver's Pi-Craft Series
Catalog, now shown on the Marine Division - page 3.
This is the Trimaran that Richard built. Click on the link above.
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Additional Data
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Arthur Piver's complete PI-CRAFT Catalog
of Trimarans is now shown on Marine Division,
page 3. The Cover is Shown Here.

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page 3
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It is interesting to note that it was
thought that Arthur Piver was
lost at sea while sailing his
newest 33 ft. Stiletto, shown here.

Lauren Williams, an apprentice to
Aurther in the late 1950's has
recently provided this insite:

" When Art was lost he was sailing
from San Francisco to San Diego as
a 500 mile prerequisit for the
OSTAR. His 33 ft. Stileto had already
been shipped to England so he
bought or borrowed a dumpy little
28 ft. Encore, of his design, but
built by someone in Sacramento.

I suspect that he was run down by a
steamer. We can never know but he
was sailing single handed in some
VERY busy waters."

He was sailing in the Pacific Ocean,
in an area west of San Francisco
(not far from 50 Marlin Ave., Mill
Valley, California..... where Piver
lived) through shipping lanes
where ships are in excess of 500
feet long and weighing many tons.
Neither he nor his trimaran were
ever found.
Including Arthur Piver's Original Modern
Sailboats Catalogs of his Trimaran Designs
Marine Division

Maybe one more small Tri to finish designing and build
before my age prevents it.....R. Fraser
The Mariner's Museum in Newport News, VA
acquired all of Piver's collection when Piver
disappeared, years ago. They do sell most of his

100 Museum Drive
Newport News, VA 23606
(757) 591-5124

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