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The Incomplete Guide
to Airfoil Usage
Here is your chance to check out the airfoils used on most of all the famous
aircraft in our history like the famous P-51 Mustang WWII fighter and lots more. Check out David
Lednicer's site.

Click on this URL link:
NACA Airfoils (Other than from NASA) along with other airfoils
You can download the airfoil coordinates and pictorial plots of the airfoils
listed on this site. Very useful as this site lists some of the most used by classical and general aviation
from its beginning. This is a Japanese web site but English is also shown with the descriptions.

Of special interest for the Flying Flea community, NACA developed two trailing
edge reflex airfoils early in their studies. These are NACA 2R(1)12 and NACA
2R(2)12. They are available to download from this site. The 2R(2)12 is the
preferred one.

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Another usefull link:
A CAD Drawing Program family that is Very User Friendly
For those of you with a little interest in the drawing end of designing, we would just
like to let you to know that we use the Ashlar-Vellum families of CAD programs.
Graphite program above also contains full 3-D wire frame capability.

The documentation books that accompany the software are the best presentations,
step by step, we have ever seen. The customer support part of it is equally
impressive. There is a CAD program for everyone, from simple and accurate
drafting to the most complex 3- dimensional solid modeling available.

For those who are interested, we suggest a click on this URL link:        
Everything you can think of and lots more.
Get their catalog. The bible for years. It is
an indispensable reference. Just click on
the catalog icon to go to their site.
Registered trade marks for the respective companies are shown above.
Epoxy Adhesive ....

There are several epoxy manufacturers out there but the West System has been used longer than all the rest. It is proven
and is even recommended by Burt Rutan.

It has been used for structurally bonding together the huge wind turbine electricity generator propeller blades used world
wide in the windiest of conditions and not to forget ..... Thousands of sail and power boats. It is especially recommended
when repairing dry rot in marine hull applications.  

With the Gougeons metered can pump systems, you cannot miss the right mix ratio between resin and hardener. This is a
highly recommended bonding system.

Tip No. 1: When you just need a small amount of epoxy and the pump is primed, push each pump 1/4 or 1/2 way down. The
mix ratio is maintained and you won't waste any resin.
It's expensive, so save it. Tom at Gougeon Bros. Mentioned that their
new pump manufacturer modified the pumps and accurate full strength dispensing can no longer be made this way
(non-critical jobs can still be done this way). Here is Tom's suggestion:
"Make accurate small 5:1 batches using a modified plastic syringe. Cut the tip end of a syringe completely off. This makes
the end of the syringe look like a cut off piece of clear plastic pipe. We measure 1-1/2" back from the end and put a mark
there. We measure back 1/4" from the end and put another mark. Pull the syringe plunger down to the 1-1/2" mark and fill it
(using the resin pump) between the 1-3/4" and the 1/4" mark. Now top it off (using the hardener pump) with the remaining
1/4" of hardner to complete a perfect 5:1 ratio. Push the plunger down to dispense the material into a mixing pot and scrape
the plunger off on the tip of the cup to remove the rest of the epoxy. Store the syringe for future use."

Tip No. 2: When using brushes with this epoxy, after application, leave the brush coated with resin and wrap it in plastic
wrap. Place it in the freezer and then place it in acetone when you want to use it again. You can reuse the brush 3 to 4 times
this way until you have to throw it away. A great savings in the cost of brushes.

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WEST SYSTEM® epoxy is a high-quality, two-part epoxy formulated and manufactured by Gougeon Brothers, Inc.
It bonds to fiberglass, wood, metal, fabrics, and other composite materials and is easily modified for a wide range of coating
and adhesive applications. It is used for construction and repairs requiring superior moisture resistance and high-strength,
and is especially suited for marine applications.

WEST SYSTEM® products provide a complete system of epoxy resin and hardeners, dispensers, fillers, additives,
reinforcing materials, application tools and instructional publications.

Request FREE Literature:

Epoxyworks, a Magazine about building, restoring and repairing with epoxy.
It offers helpful tips, the latest techniques, projects you can build, readers' projects, and news from the Gougeon research
and test labs. It is published twice a year by Gougeon Brothers, Inc.

Click on the URL link above to visit the Gougeon Brothers website and to request their magazine or West System literature.
Just in case you ever wanted to assemble a fantastic Wood
Kayak in record time...... try this one from CLC Boats. An
excellent way to learn light weight wood working. Check out
their website.
Click on the picture.
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