Possibility of a Two Place Jet Flea of Sort.
Design No. 14 - Originally sketched 11-30-1997
on vellum.
A unique longitudinal stability from
the delta planform.
Design Concepts provides interesting views of preliminary aircraft designs
that can be referred to if you are considering building a Flying Flea style or a
short coupled tandem wing aircraft.

There are a few conventional ones shown here as a matter of interest. Most of
the designs presented have had a preliminary weight and balance completed
to justify pursuing further work. All are worth pursuing.

Multiple views have also been developed (top, front, auxiliary) for most of
them, as is necessary for weight and balance.
A few multiple views will be
added from time to time.
Each design is presented as a small thumbnail photo. Click on each one to see
a larger view.
Any questions can be referred to the "
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submit email.

Plans are not available for any aircraft shown here. The designs are presented
to introduce the endless variations that can be created in hope that you do
study the variations that you may want to include in your own design.
Click on most photos to
enlarge for a clear view
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A Honey Bee Ultra-light concept.
Click on the image to see four
views shown at the bottom of the
Bee Aviation Associates page
Line drawing of the "Mystery Pou" as it may have been envisioned. The submission
to a local website group ended up with no responses. How about a response from
someone now?

"Mystery Pou"

A little more
complete with
fabric etc.

Little Squirt - All Aluminum
Another version on a well
known "Nest of Dragons"
sketch and a Horten
Brothers approach
A Disposable Aircraft
6- place Reebok (for a military customer) -
the fuselage design is a Lifting Body.
Wings folded, it can be driven on roads
Flea Plus
Flea Plus TG - Tail Dragger
Flea Plus Two - Twin Rudders
F5Fras13 and 15 Airfoil Data Page.
- A proven Airfoil -
Click on the Airfoil Image

XF-205 Levitator 2-Place, rear view.
What? 3- wings (LIFT)
XF-205 Levitator 2-Place,
rear view. What? 3- wings
"Mystery Pou"
Very clean door entry is only 20" from the ground
XF-205 Levitator 2-Place, top view
PeeWeePou - Click to enlarge
HM14R1 (single one piece rudder) and HM14R2 with 2- fins
and rudders. The fuselage is designed as a lifting body
HM-14 Mono-Float
Design No. 16 Single place Aluminum Wing
with Gear Retract

XF-205 Levitator 2-Place and XF-129 1-Place
Steerable Tail
Wheel by Rudder
Design 14.5, all aluminum
Preliminary Performance
(A FED-X® Mini)
Length 13', Fwd Wing Span  
22', Aft Wing Span 14'. Heavy
Lifter at 755 lbs. at 45 mph
take-off in ground effect. No
Empty Weight 377 lbs.
Fixed Fwd Wing - 30U-415
All moveable aft wing -
F5Fras13 airfoil.
Lift at 80 mph at 500' altitude -
1,300 lbs. at an A.O.A. of
8 degrees.
2- Place all
aluminum Design
Number 10S2
HM14R1climbing, HM14R2
with 2- fins
and rudders under chute
By Request - A PeeWeePou conversion
into a conventional low wing ultralight
possibility. Great for pilots with wide
Design: Easy Standard Ultralight

By Request - A PeeWeePou
conversion top view
By Request - An Inverted Gull wing
alternate also. This will simplify the
landing gear and offer much more
downward visibility

By Request - A fully enclosed canopy
By Request - A fully enclosed Inverted
Gull wing canopy version with heavy pilot
A Quickie - sketch took about 20 minutes. Has proper wing
separations horizontal and vertical.
Design Concepts

A  2- Hr. Sketch with CAD above ...
Includes top view which is not shown
Hight Aspect Ratio wings on a
normally low aspect ratio flea format.
Functional Dornier style wing tips.
R.H Door side. Easier to get into and out of than a Honda
A message and nice photos from Graham Priest

The pictures below Flea that was one Frenchman's life work.  It started out as a two seater
with a small Citroen engine and 3/4 " square tubing fuselage. As you can imagine there
were certain power to weight issues.  And the engine was changed to a VW four cyl. Neither
of these engines had a reduction gear, so the power issues were not resolved.  The builder
even carved his own tri-pale propeller!
Even the wing struts were steel tube. (following Mignet's distrust of Ally tube.)
When the builder came to register the a/c with the French aviation, it was too heavy for a
single seater- which was what he had changed it too.  So he had to go two seater again, by
fitting a tandem seat behind the pilot.  Only stuff like this could happen in a place like
France. Here is another picture of the cabin.

Here is another picture alongside the Black Butterfly HM293.
Hope it maybe gives you some inspiration? Sorry to clog up your H/Drive.

I have just heard that in UK all single seaters empty weight less than 300 Kgs are to be
de-regulated.  No more Section S  air worthy issues - thank God! At last!
I hope you like my little collection of photos
P. S. Must add my beautiful Bifly to your collection- sorrie!

Being 6'2" I found it very uncomfortable inside. The only thing in it's favour are the wings-
they were(are) beautifully made, and both sets folding.
Well ! What do you think you see
on this design?
Click on the photo
Model - F main gear
retract study
Model - F
Single float amphibian. Ideal for ocean landings and take offs.

Float Buoyancy Calculations Using Simpson's Rules